NHS Campaign on Organ Donation

Campaign Brief

The way organ donation works has changed. You still have a choice. Challenge Law of Organ donation has changed in England. And NHS being the major health care provider wanted to reach out BAEM community. Britain is one of the ethnic rich country these communities’ has close links to their homeland, culture and religion has strong impact on their lives. For example: There is difference of opinion amongst the Muslim scholars when it comes to donating organs hence it is vital to reach out these communities. So it is vital to reach out these communities so that they can make informed choice.


We carefully selected 10 of the leading Pakistani publishes which caters majority of Ex-pat and British born community when it comes to online content consumption. With the combine reach of more than 3 million users every month carefully day part strategy was deployed.


Metrics like CTR and ad viewability were closely monitored throughout the campaign. Daily monitoring of publishers sites gave us insight as to which portal has the highest visitor engagement and by far News related content was popular. Standard five IAB banners deployed to make we achieve decent CTR.


The campaign over-delivered on the impressions target, delivering over 2.5 million in just over 2 weeks. CTR was ten time better than industry average with more than 60% ad-viewability.